Monday, December 15, 2008

I ♥ weekends :)

Oh how I heart weekends.. they are the highlight of my week, where I get to go shop for fabrics and sew sew sew!!!! So I've mostly hit all the fabricland locaiton in the GTA and have check out each locations and their sales, my fav location would be the one on Yonge and Steels. So far they have the most selection of fabrics and prints. Seeing that I have visited a lot of fabricland, I started to question....are there any other fabric store other then fabricland and the ones downtown??? so I googled " quilt store toronto" and load and behold... to my surprise there are quite a few, and alot of them have websites and online stores! ! ! Knowing this I dashed out of the house and went to my first ever quilt shop, the Sew-Sister Quilt Shop. let me tell you, I felt like a kid in a candy store, everytime I look at a print, ideas starts flooding into my head... there were so many different beautiful prints and selections!!! Also super well organized and clean!!! I spent a good hour in there going through all of their selections, from fat quarters to their japanese fabrics!!! Below is only a few selections I've picked out and will post future creations from it so keep checking back.

This asian print was also bought at Sew-Sister Quilt shop, and have made a little pouch out of it. If you like it, check out my esty shop, it's listed under samples. link is on the left side of the blog. Not only did I have time to sew up a cute pouch but also had a bit of time to sew up an arm candy. I've embroidered the Cupcake crest earlier this week but didn't have time to start on it...I'm usually a type of person that once I start something/project, I must finish it on the same day/night... I don't like to go back to it from time to time to work on it. So I started this bag at 9pm had to cut out all the pattern ( 3 pcs shell, 3 pcs lining, and 3 piece heavy felt) and didn't finish till 12:30 am. It turned out great! super super adorable and coutureable!!!
I kinda wanna keep this one to myself and not sell it :( the dilemma again!

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