Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Digitizing & Embroidery ♥ Check

So in the amongst the things/list of things to do I could aleast check one off!!! If you work in the textile industry or even promotion industry, you know the sourcing and looking for a good deal/lead is the #1 thing in landing an order. If any one is looknig for a digitizer and is afraid to use offshore companies, let me tell you I never had a problem dealing with offshore digitizers. Now you ask, "So what is a digitizer/digitizing?" it's a practice where artist (digitizers) convert your artwork into a stitch file so that the computerized machice could read it and stitch out your artwork onto the clothing. ONce you have your logo digitize you could use your logo over and over again until you decide to use a different one. So i had 3 of my logos digitized and embroidered and honestly I must say it's a steal to have them digitized oversea!!! So you all, just give it a try, there are some that won't charge the 1st time digitize, so that you could have a peace of mind and not worry that it may come out bad.

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