Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cupcake Pouchette

Busy working on some pouchette over the holidays. Check them out! Super Cute! They are 3.5" tall by 5" wide, Perfect for travel makeup bag, iphone, businesscard holders. etc.

1. Purrrfect autumn walk. 2. Polkadot cupcake 3. Sweet chic pink 4. mod flower power 5. elegant white 6. peekaboo tulip.
You could find these in my esty store.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Happy new year everyone ♥. For the year 2009, it's time for Cupcake to spread it's wings and venture out to events and craft shows. It's always a scary procedure for first timers like me . . . but it's good to know that I am not the only one out there that is worried about their products being juried. I went through many application and read through many requirements of what to submit and what to do . . . it does all sound scary, because of the what if factor, but as I always say, it doesn't hurt trying. You'll never know if you don't try. My aunt has been a veteran of craft shows for over 3 years now, and over the holidays we chatted a bit, so that I could get a good feel about these craft shows. She tells me that there are really 2 ways to approach this. If you want to start, you could start small.... maybe doing small trade shows, to see if your product will do good, to justify if you have a really good product on hand. That's what my aunt did for her product line, but she tells me that path was not the best way to go if you have a family and 3 children to take care of. For example, is it really worth it to spend $250 a day sitting at a booth and promo your product out at small fairs and not spend the day with your kids? so then she tells me, path number 2. you must BELIEVE in your product, if you go might as well go BIG! if you get turned down from events doesn't mean that your product sucks, it's usually either because, they have many of the same items entered.... and take the no as a challenge, change it up a bit, tweek it, or just try again next year. Don't let a single no or the fear of applying stop you. There may be times where you do a show for more then 3 years and and 4 time around they could reject you, some reasons could be... change of people in the juries or maybe they are changing up their policy, you never know. So, don't be shy, just do it, get your products out there, what do you have to lose? it never hurt to try.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I ♥ weekends :)

Oh how I heart weekends.. they are the highlight of my week, where I get to go shop for fabrics and sew sew sew!!!! So I've mostly hit all the fabricland locaiton in the GTA and have check out each locations and their sales, my fav location would be the one on Yonge and Steels. So far they have the most selection of fabrics and prints. Seeing that I have visited a lot of fabricland, I started to question....are there any other fabric store other then fabricland and the ones downtown??? so I googled " quilt store toronto" and load and behold... to my surprise there are quite a few, and alot of them have websites and online stores! ! ! Knowing this I dashed out of the house and went to my first ever quilt shop, the Sew-Sister Quilt Shop. let me tell you, I felt like a kid in a candy store, everytime I look at a print, ideas starts flooding into my head... there were so many different beautiful prints and selections!!! Also super well organized and clean!!! I spent a good hour in there going through all of their selections, from fat quarters to their japanese fabrics!!! Below is only a few selections I've picked out and will post future creations from it so keep checking back.

This asian print was also bought at Sew-Sister Quilt shop, and have made a little pouch out of it. If you like it, check out my esty shop, it's listed under samples. link is on the left side of the blog. Not only did I have time to sew up a cute pouch but also had a bit of time to sew up an arm candy. I've embroidered the Cupcake crest earlier this week but didn't have time to start on it...I'm usually a type of person that once I start something/project, I must finish it on the same day/night... I don't like to go back to it from time to time to work on it. So I started this bag at 9pm had to cut out all the pattern ( 3 pcs shell, 3 pcs lining, and 3 piece heavy felt) and didn't finish till 12:30 am. It turned out great! super super adorable and coutureable!!!
I kinda wanna keep this one to myself and not sell it :( the dilemma again!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cupc♥ke First Pouchette

So I went through my collection of fabrics, ribbons and trims and picked out 3 items that may work as a little pouch. I wanted to make a tote but figure this "Sugar plum" theme looks better as a pouchette. However one catch, I never ever have sewen up a pouch!!! let a lone a pouch with linning! So a few hours later, Viola!! Cupc♥ke's first pouchette!

It's a bit raw but will need some tweeking forsure.... was not very well thought out for the zipper and handel part... I should of sewen it inbetween the linning and shell. I have also printed Cupcake label into the linning and added 2 rhinestones to give it the extra bling. :) If this was to list on esty, I would sell it as a sample... for it is a sample however it's the first pouch I've ever made for my brand and hate to part with it.... the delima :(....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cupcake Long Johns for Dogs!!!

Have been busy away sewing Cupcake new creation long johns for puppies. I have made a few before and gived them away to friends as gifts. I have made 2 and will be listed in my etsy shop (xoxocupcake.etsy.com). The red one is the "Cabin" line and the grey one is our "waffle" line. Model by my adorable Obi

Monday, December 8, 2008

My New Workspace

For the past few weeks I've been working in my dinning room on my dinning room table. however my dinning room is located above my garage and the room is always freezing, no matter how high I turn my theromstat, it stays cold!!! So I've finally decided that I need more room and a space of my own. So I moved everything upstairs into one of the bedrooms and used the window nook as my work space and a table for my fabrics.

However compare to other sewing rooms viewed below.... it seems like my upgrad is not even an upgrade! How I will kill for an organized, spacious fun room for just me and my sewing :( *Sigh* something like this . . . . perhaps.
(picture viewed here from hgtv.com Mission: Organization : Episode MSO-1108 )

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Finally decided to open up an accoun and add my creations to Esty.com to sell rather then ebay. I think esty suits my needs more then ebay. Not to mention the fees at Esty are more my level then ebay. Come visit my shop at xoxocupcake.etsy.com ! kindda having trouble with the banner.... might need to use photoshop instead of corel draw.... arg.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fabric Prints

Printed out my design and tried appling it onto differnt type of materials. I think linen works the best out of polyblend, satin and cotton. I think it's kinda cute to customize your own fabrics and ribbons!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Digitizing & Embroidery ♥ Check

So in the amongst the things/list of things to do I could aleast check one off!!! If you work in the textile industry or even promotion industry, you know the sourcing and looking for a good deal/lead is the #1 thing in landing an order. If any one is looknig for a digitizer and is afraid to use offshore companies, let me tell you I never had a problem dealing with offshore digitizers. Now you ask, "So what is a digitizer/digitizing?" it's a practice where artist (digitizers) convert your artwork into a stitch file so that the computerized machice could read it and stitch out your artwork onto the clothing. ONce you have your logo digitize you could use your logo over and over again until you decide to use a different one. So i had 3 of my logos digitized and embroidered and honestly I must say it's a steal to have them digitized oversea!!! So you all, just give it a try, there are some that won't charge the 1st time digitize, so that you could have a peace of mind and not worry that it may come out bad.