Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I must say that the clothing show was a huge success seeing that it's my first official first show with a 10 x 10 booth! Honestly, the night before I had no clue in how to setup my booth nor was anything finalized, I just kinda know/pictured it in my head how it should look like with the pieces i had. Some may say that they don't like to do shows, and that they hate the loading up and loading out part, but you know what, if you have a helping hand, and go with the flow, everything was stress free. However I must say that the 2nd day of set up was a bit stressful, because number one we arrived 15 minutes before the show started , and I had a lot of little items to put out and does say in the contract that everything must but out and stored away when shows open!! ad i don't want to be in the bad books!!!! I must thank my amazing fiance who stayed, helped and put up with my B(&*(&(*^^ness :) well only at the beginning.
I definitely would do this again, but by the end of day 3, I must say, I was really tired, and was glad that it's only a 3 day show! anything longer I might have to hire some help to do shifts! that will be my next step :D.

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