Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New House, New beginning

So there's a few exciting things that had happen over 2 months. Firstly, we have moved to a bigger house, however it's a bit further north, but it's a beautiful home. I LOVE IT! Custom picked flooring and colour. So hopefully I won't have to move for another 10 years or so.

Other big announcement, I have decided and got the green light to do CUPCAKE as full time!!! whoo hoo!!! Supper excited!!! just got this news last Sunday, and is loving it!!! It's very nice to wake up doing thing you love, highly recommend it :P Yes, a lot of people out there have some uncertainty or a fear of "oh no what will I do if Cupcake doesn't launch or that there's no income or no one likes what I do"... the thing is I don't waste my time worrying about these things, to worry is just a waste and I rather use that time to create, make and do it as a challenge. So bottom line people, don't waste time to worry!!!!
On another note - Cupcake will be at the Toronto Clothing Show on May 1,2,and 3rd. So come by and check us out! :) If you are planning to head out and visit, come by and let us know you're a follower of my blog and we will give you 15% off your purchase + a gift on that day! So hope to see you all there!

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