Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So much to do.... so little time !!!!!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged!!! OMG!! over a month!! "aye ya!" (jun hai!). Well let me update you on what I have been up to and what is going on in my life with CUPCAKE. :D
Firstly, I have re-invented my workroom/sewing room once again. Having one table is never enough for me :P so I trenched out to Ikea and bought a computer desk for $29.00 and a shelf for $70.00. (to zoom into the pictures just click on it). So below is 2 pictures, not one, I know it it looks deceiving (as if I could afford 2 sewing machine!!!) .

Okay, so picture to the left: you can see the $29.00 Computer desk from Ikea, that's where I do my Sewing. and the white table and chair is where I cut, craft and design my items.

Picture on the right: I've had my maniquine for a long time so that's not new to my study/sewing room. but the white shelf is new and as you can see it's filled with my fabrics! Ontop of the shelf: to the left you can see my mini light box. I call that my "Photo Studio". That's where I take my photos of my items. and at the other end of the self is my big jar of buttons!!! whoo hoo!!! you could never have enough buttons! So there you go, this is one of the huge changes/things I've been up to.
Now, items that I've been working on.... there are so many (view below)!!! I've found myself bouncing from paper project to fabric project or combine them both...and because of my first mini craft show... i'm starting to feel overwhlmed in producing items to sell not to mention I've recieved a custom order for my pouchette!!! But I think i have it under control... maybe check back with me a week before the show and we'll see how I am!. I know at the beginning there's a lot to do and prepare for the show, but I think the more you do and the more you put yourself out there, there will be a balance. that's what I believe.

1. Marshmallow pouch. 2. Mini Matchbooks 3. Baby felt booties
4. mini fabric hard cover notepad 5. Wristlet pouch 6. cardholder

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